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Posted in  2019, Action, Movies, Thriller June 17 In a rural Vietnamese community, Hai Phuong is doing everything possible to raise her little girl on May. Taking on debt collection, Hai Phuong only returns to the old habit of running away, violence. Unfairly accused of missing money, Hai Phuong is terrified to see her child kidnapped by a bunch of traffickers. Together with other children, Hes going to have a terrible fate. The organs of these children will be harvested and sold on the black market. Not wanting to let her daughter meet such a terrible fate, Hai Phuong is determined to use her fighting skills and rescue May and the rest of the kidnapped children before it is too late. Server 1 Server 2 Server 3.

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DRUID: Great support class. Exists only to fill the void left by any other players that would be more desirable in any given situation but sadly aren´t available at that time. You are that guy that is the last pick at the school´s sports class. No one is thrilled that you are there, you are just there. Boomie: No one is glad you exist. Not even you. Not even Blizzard. They made you a big fat chicken just to troll you even more. It could be fun but isn´t. Your mana will drain faster than Venezuela´s economy. Feral DPS: You need to have 3 arms, 2 brains, 1 ms internet connection, 10 hours spare to farm hammers and reaction time of a ninja. And I mean real ninja, not that duck with blue hair. If you like being cucked, this may be fun for you. And your wife. And for the guy that will do what you do but better, only with 1 arm, half the brain, and no internet connection. Feral TANK: No one really needs you or likes you but you are there to take care of their trash. Literally. No endgame for furries. But if you are a furry, you will have fun anyway. Resto: You will have to try the hardest of them all, yet no one will see that you are even trying. Most of what you do won´t matter to them anyway. Perfect class for those who like sad anime flashbacks and like to be everyone´s bitch. You may develop carpal tunnel syndrome after a while. HUNTER: Amazing ranged damage dealer. Who am I kidding, just a “ranged damage dealer”. Be prepared to have your bags filled with arrows and lots of meat. Or whatever your dog eats. If your pet is mentally challenged (or you are) and taunts nearby mobs, your raid will Epstein you. BM: It´s just you and your dog. No, really. You won´t be in any raid group so it´s just you and your dog. When your dog dies, you can´t go full John Wick. No dog = no damage. Not fun. MM: Fits your Legolas fantasy playstyle. Less focus on the dog, more focus on arrows. You may be thinking how good you are and that you are having fun till you download a damage meter addon. If you still want to have fun, don´t do that. Surv: If you sacrificed your life to the god of Warcraft and played 10 000 hours, this may work in 2021. Otherwise, not recommended. MAGE: Amazing ranged damage dealer. Oh look, here it fits much better. Before the raid, you are a vending machine for free food and drinks. After the raid, you are the Uber driver for everyone. One ticket to the Stormwind, please, here, take my copper you fookin wanker. Arcane: Rarer than a Thunderfury Rogue. Not good, not terrible. Exists purely to create an illusion that you have an extra option to choose from. It´s like a healthy meal at McDonald´s. You know it´s there but why would you even order it? It´s not even healthy anyway. Fire: You can´t play the game till 2020. Will fill your Kael'thas fantasy. If you spend 10 000 hours pressing Frost bolts, you will go KA-BOOM once you beat every single boss in the game a hundred times and get enough crit-chance to matter. Then the game becomes fun. But at this point, you don´t play for fun, do you? Frost: Relax, close your eyes, lay back. Place your finger on a Frost bolt. Inhale, press the button. Exhale, press the button. Be careful not to wear out your keyboard. May feel numb. It is. But no one cares since the numbers are there. Brain cells needed to shine as a frost mage? 2. How fun is it on a scale of 1 to 10? Negative 9. PALADIN: What a great support class. You can even be a riddle: Everyone needs a piece of you, no one wants to be you, who am I? A Paladin. Or a Priest with a shield, as you are going to wear dresses for a long long time. Holy: Relax, close your eyes, lay back. Place your finger on a Flash of Light. Everyone loves you. You hate yourself. If you loved Frost mage´s playstyle but now you want to heal, this might just be the class for you. Others might argue about the complexity of this spec. Ignore them. If you are a simple person, you will find this fun. Prot: lol no. Ret: Everyone wants this to be a thing. You will try to theorycraft the shit out of this to make it be a thing, till it makes you a Stephen Hawking of World of Warcraft. Sadly, you will only end up being a Stephen Hawking of World of Warcraft. The fun aspect is equal to the numbers of procs that you get. In the meanwhile, you are just like a guy on a wheelchair. PRIEST: What a great healer this guy is. He has everything that you need in a support class. Sadly, playing a bearded version Danny DeVito in a dress may not fit your fantasy of a preacher of light. Disco: You actually can choose what heals to use in any given situation. Everyone is super thrilled to have you on your team. You are that guy that walks the red carpet with rose petals flying under your feet while walking into the raid. Mages love you the most. Holy: Same as above. But better. This might be a little tricky. It´s like Power Rangers. Each deep spec works perfectly fine on their own but combined, they get to transform into a mechanical beast. Feeling of being wanted may be fun for someone. If you live to please others despite your own needs, roll Danny DeVito. Shadow: You may think you are a god but you are just a little bitch for everyone in the game. You will have to say bye-bye to every single piece of item that drops. Not being able to cast your spells and not being able to loot items takes away core aspects of the game. If you are rolling this, you are a cuck. Shadow is a Boomie, but instead of a chicken, you are a dark edgy emo lord. Emo lords hate fun. ROGUE: One of the best melee damage dealers in the game. You can use more than 2 buttons. But we all know that you are not playing this game for PvE. You need others to see what a pro you are. And if not for numbers, you are the most useless character in the entire game. Ass: You can play this if you are a beggar and can´t allow a re-spec but you will be the worst Rogue on your team. No items for you till you can afford a re-spec. Why am I even typing something here? It´s bad. No fun for you, nor me. Combat: You walk the red carpet with the Priest. Everyone wants to be you and you just want to beat everyone. And you can. With the sheer numbers. It might be fun. Best for those who want to invest as little time to the game as possible and get out of the game as much as possible. Sub: Get out of here. SHAMAN: Horde counter-part of a Paladin. Lovely support. Calling natural elements to aid you in the middle of the fierce battle. Sounds good, doesn´t work. Another cuck class. You are there to place wooden sticks on the ground all day long. Your spellbook is filled with wooden sticks, everyone in your team is dependent on your wooden sticks. You have nightmares about wooden sticks. Ele: Third version of a Boomie. This one doesn´t change the appearance or color but is just as terrible. Maybe even more so. But it is fun for those sweet 14 seconds till you deplete your mana pool. Then just run around and pretend that you are doing something very useful. Enha: Same as Retri Paladin. Every kid wants this to work. Once upon a century when the galaxies align in order, you get a proc that skyrockets your DPS. Then your sole purpose is to take a screenshot and boast about it whenever you can to whomever you can. Don´t forget to clip it and make a 2min. YouTube montage out of 2000 hours of footage. Include it in your wedding speech. Fun is equal to the number of the galaxy alignments. Resto: As a Paladin, you need to buff others. As a Shaman, you need to place wooden sticks on the ground that has various effects depending on the group that you are in. Then Spam Chain Heal. Chain Heal feels good. Chain Heal can be fun. If Shadow Priest is Warlock´s cuck, you are Warrior´s cuck. WARLOCK: Edgy Mage. Mage is an Uber from the raid, Warlock is an Uber into the raid. It has some decent utility but first, it´s time to fill your bags with Shards. Oh, you forgot? See you next week. Make sure to befriend at least one proper Shadow Priest. Affli: Every Warlock spec Demo: Ends up Destro: Casting Shadow bolts WARRIOR: Undoubtedly the best raiding class in the entire game. This guy is the best tank, the best damage dealer and if by any chance he had happened to be a healer, he would be the best at that too. There is a downside to all that. You need to make World of Warcraft your life. There is no time for weak-hearted. Arms: Re-spec to this after the raid, while you are fully buffed and with a healer behind your ass and join the battleground to show your new weapon that splits everyone in half in mid-charge. Fury: Angry boi smacking everything in sight. The first thing you want to do is to download a damage meter addon and shout at everyone else that has less DPS than you that they are doing fuckin lousy jobs. After all, you are the king. Prot: Don´t recommend if you have a job, family, other hobby or any kind of obligation that may take you away from the World of Warcraft. If you happen to be the main tank. You will take all the glory in the game. You are a Caesar. Others have to make sure that you are properly entertained and taken care of. They have to do as you command. You are there to make everyone else your bitch. Best suitable for 40 years old virgins that didn´t find success in real life. I don´t know why am I getting so salty over Prot Warriors. I love you for your devotion and I know I couldn´t bring what you offer to the table. Please make me your bitch. If you are interested in the Ultimate breakdown of how FUN every class is in PVP, click HERE.

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