📺 Directed by Dmitriy Svetozarov Stray Dogs




Free-ranging dog. Let's be realistic, Russian cinema cannot create something like the original "RoboCop" or "Alien. And it always hurts to see something like "Okhota na Piranyu" – an example of Russian cinema trying to pull off something like "Die Hard" with a-la "matrix" stunts plus the happy nicey-nicey ending. But the Russians can easily carry out something that the others cannot. Every nation has its own traditions, and in cinema it really pays off well when a talented director follows them. "Psy" follows the traditions step by step and goes further. Beware… A minimalistic approach. An oppressive atmosphere of doom without hope in almost every single shot. Weird characters that play very weird tricks, spitting out most weird phrases and uttering apocalyptic speeches.